Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Lunch at Scaddy's

this friday matt and i had a healthy lifestyles even in murray, so we ventured further south than usual and had lunch at scaddy's.  scaddy's is a burger joint where everything is made fresh.  the atmosphere was welcoming, although most of the tables were dirty when we got there.  i had the hand battered chicken fingers, and matt had the fried egg burger.  the taste and quality of the food was about average for what it was, nothing i would hurry back for, but we left content.  luckily, we had a coupon for this week's lunch, so for both of our meals, our total was only $10.  considering the coupon (which saved us $5.49) the overall value of the food for the price we paid was a win.  and as always, the best part of lunch was the company!

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