Friday, June 28, 2013

Ruth's on Wednesday and Moochies on Friday

I am making up for lost time on the old, go to lunch thing.   On Wednesday the General Nonviolent Felony Team went to lunch at Ruth's for Administrative Professionals Day.  It was only a couple of months late, but we wanted to get the whole team together if possible, and when one of your team members goes to France for three weeks.... I had the meatloaf burger.  It was served with fires, on a bun, with regular burger fixin's.  The meatloaf was good, and smothered with BBQ sauce.  A little too much BBQ sauce.  It took over the whole burger.  The fries are battered and crispy. I'd give the food a C+, but the location and ambiance a B-. Barely worth the $10.00.

Moochies was a quick trip with my co-blogger Mikelle.  I got the egg plant parm sandwich, potato salad and a drink (by making it a "Moochis Meal" for an extra $2.99).  The bread was perfect, the egg plant and marianna were good, but not great.  I'd give it a B.  The company was great, and the birch beer was scrumptious.  Go to Moochies.  It is one of the good ones.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Burgers in Coeur d'Alene

It has been far too long.  I am back on the blog, and ready to post, ya'll.  I was in Coeur d'Alene last week end for the Ironman.  It was AWESOME.  I am really happy with my time, I beat my first Ironman by  44 minutes.  Beautiful course, great swim.

I eat at a place called Hudson's.  They have been there and making burgers since 1907.  It was a tiny little place, with only a counter at which to sit.  The burger was one of the best I have ever come across. Cooked to perfection, the meat was the star.  The only toppings available were pickle and/or onion, and cheese, although there were three sauces on the counter in those old-school ketchup type squeeze bottles, ketchup, hot ketchup (think heavy horseradish with a bite) and spicy mustard.

If you're ever there, and you love a burger, stop in.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fava What?

apparently it's called a fava bean.  apparently people like them.  i'm not a fan, of either the time consuming cooking or the flavor.  so these appeared in my bountiful basket.  i had no idea what they were or what to do with them.  but since mr d has been asking for more veggies with his meals, i thought i'd try the recipe that other bountiful basket participants were posting on facebook and serve them alongside a sloppy joe and corn on the cob.

Fava Beans
fava beans
olive oil
garlic, minced

Shell the fava beans and blanch for 10-15 mins.  Remove the bean from the casing and saute in olive oil and garlic until fragrant, about 5 mins.

these had kind of a bitter taste i wasn't expecting, although i'm not sure what i was expecting.  and then it dawned on me that they kind of tasted like peas, which is probably why mr d was a fan.  and was a fitting taste given their appearance as "giant pea pods."

Monday, June 3, 2013

Paleo Steak Roll Ups

mr d and i went to the crossfit regionals competition this weekend.  it was all you would expect it to be.  here is the one blurry picture i took while we there.  this is the crew setting up for the second team WOD (workout of the day).  it consisted of 21 deadlifts, followed by 21 box jumps, then repeated by 15 reps of each, then 9.  one team set a world record.  i guess it was a pretty big deal.

because this is a blog about food, you must be wondering why i'm mentioning the cxfit games.  well, it just so happens that i had lunch there on saturday.  at a food truck called "the paleo wagon."   now, this food truck had two lines, each line had about 20 people in it, at all times.  it was ridiculous.  the other food vendor there sold soft pretzels, soda, and pizza.  i think they had 5 customers, all weekend.  as you can probably gather from their name, the paleo wagon was selling meals that complied with the paleo diet.  if you aren't familiar with the paleo diet, google it, my friends.  but the short version is this:  eat like a caveman, i.e., meat and vegetables with limited fruits, no grains, no dairy, and obviously, no processed foods.  i wish i had a taken a picture of our lunches.  i got the scaled plate, meaning one meat, and mr d got the prescribed plate, meaning two meats.  our plates consisted of a hearty scoop of carne asada, 1/2 an avacado, 1/2 of a cucumber, 2 sweet peppers and a strawberry.  and mr d's second meat was a chicken sausage link.  mr d was really excited about his paleo lunch, and long story short, it inspired me to make a paleo approved dinner.  enter the steak roll up. 
the recipe came from here, which includes a balsamic glaze to serve over the steak.  the glaze looks and sounds delicious, but i was hungry by the time i'd gotten the steak in the pan and decided to forego the sauce and eat the roll ups as is.  they were really good.  i would definitely make them again, either with steak or with chicken.  and i'll have to try the sauce out.
Steak Roll Ups
1 1/2-2 lb sirloin or flank steak
salt and pepper
worcestershire sauce
olive oil
1 glove garlic, minced
2 carrots, matchsticked
1 red bell pepper, matchsticked
4 green onions, sliced
4 asparagus spears, matchsticked
Prepare the steak by slicing into thin strips. (i butterflied mine, then cut into 8 strips.)  Season steak with salt, pepper, and worcestershire and let marinate for 30 mins.  While the steak is marinating, heat olive oil in a medium pan and cook the garlic for 1 min.  Add the remaining veggies and saute for 2-3 minutes.  Set the veggies aside.  When the steak is done marinating, place a handful of veggies on each strip of steak and roll them up.  Secure with a toothpick.  Cook the steak roll ups in the same pan you cooked the veggies in until the desired doneness.  (i cooked them about 7 mins on each side.  they probably didn't need to be cooked that long, but raw meat makes me nervous.)  Serve with more veggies, or with rice if you're not into the whole paleo thing.