Monday, December 10, 2012

The Soup Nazi

about a week and a half ago, our lunch hour took us to another healthy lifestyles event further south than we would normally venture for lunch, so matt and i decided to have lunch at one of our favorite local establishments, the soup kitchen.  if you like soup or if you like sandwiches, but especially if you love them together, you need to go to the soup kitchen.  the soup kitchen is an older restaurant, set up like a school cafeteria.  you walk in (watch your step!), grab a tray and utensils, grab some crackers and breadsticks, order and get your soup, pay, and wait for the fine folks to bring out your sandwich.  they have 3 kinds of breasticks:  cheese, garlic, and wheat.  these come free when you order soup, generally 2 per cup or 3 per bowl.  this trip i got a cheese and a garlic.  both were very good, but i would recommend the garlic.  the soup kitchen has a wide variety on their menu, but i have only ever had one meal there:  grilled cheese and tomato soup.  a classic.  and delicious.

you get your choice of bread and cheese, but nothing says grilled cheese like good ol' white bread and american cheese.

this meal cost about $5.00.  delicous food, at a great value, served by friendly staff, in a fun atmosphere.  hurry and go to the soup kitchen!  say matt and mikelle sent you, and they will look at you confused and do nothing differently.

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