Friday, June 28, 2013

Ruth's on Wednesday and Moochies on Friday

I am making up for lost time on the old, go to lunch thing.   On Wednesday the General Nonviolent Felony Team went to lunch at Ruth's for Administrative Professionals Day.  It was only a couple of months late, but we wanted to get the whole team together if possible, and when one of your team members goes to France for three weeks.... I had the meatloaf burger.  It was served with fires, on a bun, with regular burger fixin's.  The meatloaf was good, and smothered with BBQ sauce.  A little too much BBQ sauce.  It took over the whole burger.  The fries are battered and crispy. I'd give the food a C+, but the location and ambiance a B-. Barely worth the $10.00.

Moochies was a quick trip with my co-blogger Mikelle.  I got the egg plant parm sandwich, potato salad and a drink (by making it a "Moochis Meal" for an extra $2.99).  The bread was perfect, the egg plant and marianna were good, but not great.  I'd give it a B.  The company was great, and the birch beer was scrumptious.  Go to Moochies.  It is one of the good ones.

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