Thursday, October 25, 2012

Miss Me?

no, no, we haven't been starving, just busy.  which doesn't mean no time for cooking, just no time for blogging, so sorry, to the one sweet soul who actually reads this blog.  so a few not noteworthy things we've had for dinner in the last 2 weeks are:  crockpot roast with no fat mashed potatoes, rotisserie chicken with brown sugar glazed acorn squash and asparagus, and chicken broccoli fettuccine alfredo.  i'll give the noteworthy meals their own post :)

roast and mashed potatoes: easy peezy. browned a roast, threw it in the crockpot with a packet of lipton onion soup mix, an onion cut into rings, and a can of beef broth.  cooked on low 10 hours.  it was yummy.  for the mashed potatoes, i boiled 3 potatoes that i had peeled and cubed until they were tender, then i put them in my stand mixer (because mr. d doesn't like lumpy mashed potatoes) and whipped them up with some skim milk and a dallop of greek yogurt.  they were pretty good, you couldn't even tell they were super healthy!  i loved adding protein rather than fat!  i also made a gravy out of the meat drippings left in the crockpot.  1/2 c butter, melted, mixed with 1/2 c flour, then stirred into the meat juice.  sorry, no picture.  it probably wouldn't have turned out pretty anyway (not that any of my pics do, lol).

rotisserie chicken:  i cheated and bought a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store.  i wasn't in the mood to cook anything, and i like using leftover rotisserie chicken in pot pies, taquitos, soups, etc.  i got an acorn squash in my bountiful basket and googled some recipes, this martha stewart one looked the best.  and since i was at the store getting the chicken, i picked up some asparagus, because we love asparagus at our house.  to cook it, i just trimmed the ends and steamed for a few minutes.  added a touch of butter and salt, and dinner was served!  the meat was good, the asparagus was awesome, but we weren't huge fans of the squash.  i don't care much for squash, so i don't think it was the recipe, just my general dislike for it.  if i get acorn squah again, i will probably try roasting it and making a soup with it.

fettucine:  with the huge container of greek yogurt i had from adding it to the potatoes, i needed another recipe for it.  and since i also had broccoli, this seemed like a good idea.  it wasn't.  well, i liked it, and taking into consideration that it was pretty decent for you (i used whole wheat noodles of course) it really wasn't bad.  mr. d was not a fan.  he thought it was very bland and tasteless.  yes, i realize that is just using synonyms to describe it.  i told him to add salt or pepper, but he just ate it as is, unhappily.  he's a good sport about eating whatever i cook for dinner, and he only let me know how he felt about it when i asked for honest feedback.

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