Monday, October 8, 2012

The Whatever-th Annual Halloweenie Roast

the forsberg halloweenie roast is the most magical time of year.  my 2009 invitation said it was the 11th annual, but so did my 2011 invitation, and this year's invitation said it was the 12th annual, so although no one really knows how long it has been going on, i look forward to it every year.  for dinner of course, we roasted hotdogs over the fire pit.  it isn't called the halloweenie roast for nothing!  i did take a snapshot of my plate, which consisted of a delicious roasted hotdog, nacho cheese dorritos, a brownie, and a piece of apple cake, but the sun had already gone down, and the picture came out pretty dark.  mr. d had a similar meal, but his included a homemade cinnamon roll, which he raved on and on about.  (note: one of the quickest ways to mr. d's heart is thru a really good homemade cinnamon roll.  i made some from scratch once, it was more work than it was worth.  if you have an easy recipe, pass it my way!)  back to the halloweenie roast.  grandma gayle and company totally out do themselves, and this year was no exception.  every year i tell myself i am going to take more pictures so i can give it the props it deserves, but every year i forget, and then the sun goes down before i get any good shots.  if you ever find yourself at the halloweenie roast, make sure you get a ride on the barrel train.  yes, barrels, made into seats, attached to a tractor, and pulled around the yard. 
apparently last year there was a mishap with the train taking a corner too tight and the barrels tipping over and screaming children being dragged behind the tractor.  the drivers were a bit more cautious this year, which did make for the longest barrel train ride of my life, but it was still a blast.  the best part of the halloweenie roast is the hay wagon ride, when grandma gayle walks next to the wagon and narrates about the decorations out in the pasture.  this year, the skeletons were a group of cowboys who had been killed at the ok corral.

sorry the picture is blurry, i took it while i was bumping along in the barrel train.  also new this year, the batmobile! 

one kid pointed out there was a coffin on the end of the car, to which grandma gayle quickly said, "no, that can't be a coffin, batman is a good guy!"  maybe one day the kid will realize you can't throw a halloweenie roast this size every year without reusing some old decor :)

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