Saturday, January 5, 2013

I have to rant for a second about a commercial that is making me crazy.  I hate commercials in general because they are so illogical, and often treat today's men like the most ape-like and stupid creatures who ever graced mother earth with walking all over her surface.  Thanks to DVR I can skip ads with impunity, unless during football I catch up to the recording.  Anyway, back to the one I hate most right now.

The Arby's campaign with the detective from New York talking about fresh sliced meat.  The other places cut their meat in a factory (eeewwww GROSS), and send it in a truck to Subway, or where ever.  Arby's, unlike the industrial other factory meat-sliced places slices theirs in the store, so it is "fresh sliced meat".

Ok, "sliced fresh" means NOTHING!  It has nothing to do with the meat freshness.  The Arby's "beef" is a processed log of meat stuff, not prime rib.  And when it is sliced has nothing to do with how fresh the meat is.  Like you could pull out a month-old ham from the back of the fridge, lay it on the counter, and make it fresh-sliced with your handy knife, thus transforming it from almost too funky to eat to fresh and new.  Does Arby's really think this verbal slight of hand fools any one? Obviously, yes.

Thank you for indulging me.  I may just make the rant a regular feature of this blog.

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