Thursday, January 10, 2013

Roula's Cafe

rather than go to lunch a few weeks ago, matt and i went to breakfast with several of our favorite coworkers to roula's cafe.  we were promised the best toast in the world by the one who chose the establishment.  i ordered the roula's classic:  hash browns, 2 eggs any style, one meat, and a side of toast.  my favorite kind of eggs are over medium, but i'm always wary about ordering eggs that way in a restaurant because i worry that they'll be too runny.  then i get nervous that they're not cooked and i'm going to end up with salmonella, and on and on.  so i went with scrambled.  i should have gone with over medium.  a few others had ordered them over medium, and they looked perfect.  the scrambled eggs weren't really scrabbled, but just more like an omelette with no filling, if that makes sense.  the bacon was really good, perfectly crisp, and the hash browns were good too.  i was talked into the wheat toast by all of my coworkers and the cashier at roula's.  the toast was really good, but i think i would have been happier with the sourdough toast.  all in all, i was happy with my meal, but i think it could have been better if i'd ordered differently.  the atmosphere was very inviting, and the restaurant was very clean.  you order cafeteria style, and then your food is brought out to you.  roula herself even came out to our table to ask if our food was good.  i'd definitely like to go back to roula's, either for breakfast or to give their lunch menu a try.  and as always, the best part of the meal was the company.

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