Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3 Ingedient Chicken and Gravy

i kept seeing this picture on pinterest of this delicious looking chicken served over a pile of mashed potatoes and and topped with gravy.  and the caption read, "3 ingredient crockpot chicken and gravy."  you can see for yourself how awesome it looks.  http://myfindsonline.com/3-ingredient-crockpot-chicken-gravy/  i thought to myself, wow, that looks delicious, and sounds so easy!  it must be too good to be true!!  let me be the first to tell you folks, it is.  don't get me wrong, it was good, but not as tasty as the picture made it seem, and it was much more of a hassle than a "3 ingredient meal" called for.  i made the chicken in the crockpot (dish #1) and the gravy in a side pan (dish #2).  i wanted to serve it like the picture, with a pile of mashed potatoes, so i cooked the potatoes (dish #3) and mashed them in my mixer (dish #4).  and since every meal needs a veggie, i went with beets (dish #5).  in the end, i was left with a lot of dishes for an average tasting dinner.

Three Ingredient Chicken and Gravy
2 lbs chicken breast
14.5 oz can chicken broth
2 packets of chicken gravy mix

Place the chicken and broth in the crockpot and cook on low 6 hours, or until chicken easily pulls apart.  Pour 2 cups of liquid from the crockpot into a saucepan, discard remaining liquid.  Add the 2 packets of gravy mix to the sauce pan and whisk well.  Simmer until gravy thickens.  While gravy simmers, shred chicken into large pieces and serve with the gravy.

and use a million other dishes to complete the meal.  i've never used gravy packets before, and i probably will never use them again.  the result was mostly salty and it didn't dissolve all the way, so the gravy had a weird texture.  if i were to make this again, i would just use the liquid in the crockpot (broth and juices from the chicken) along with a roux to make the gravy.  while i'm sure you are all more than aware, a roux is equal parts flour and fat--butter.  so i use 1/2 cup of each and mix that in with my meat liquid to make an awesome gravy that pairs well with whatever meat i cooked.

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