Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's Crockpot Week!

just like the discovery channel features its annual shark week, i have decided to feature crockpot week!  it is sure to be an exciting event.  why did i decide to do this?  we ended up with about a foot of snow this weekend, and with daylight savings last weekend, i need some comfort meals that will be ready as soon as we get home from work.  the main sponsor for this special week is:  my allclad crockpot.

i love this thing.  i am constantly telling mr. d that it is our greatest investment.  if you don't have a crockpot, or if you are in the market for the crockpot of all crockpots, i highly recommend this thing of beauty.  i splurged for the aluminum insert, which is safe to use on the stove top for browning meats or sauteing garlic and onions before cooking.  it is also oven safe, great for chicken and dumpling type recipes.  the crockpot has a digital timer that you can set on high or low, or set to cook on high for a period of time and then automatically switch over to low.  no matter how you set it, when the cooking time is done, it automatically switches over to a keep warm setting.  it has earned its permanent home displayed on our countertop.  my secondary sponsor for crockpot week is: the slow cooker bible.

i received this cookbook from a very thoughtful and generous co-worker for my birthday a few years ago.  we had been talking about how awesome it is to use the crockpot and come home to dinner being ready, so she shared with me one of her favorite cookbooks.  there are so many good recipes in this book, i'd have to have crockpot week once a month to feature them all.  so visit often this week and try some great crockpot meals.  what is your favorite thing to cook in the crockpot?


  1. Best Idea Ever! I think that the CrockPot is a fabulous invention, and I am always looking for new recipes!

  2. From Kadria. Not Anonymous.

    1. i'm so glad you figured out how to comment :)

      and yes, i've got some great recipes planned for this week that you'll definitely want to give a try! because you should totally use your crockpot more often so you have more time to watch the great movies that come on daytime you!