Monday, November 5, 2012

Pepper's Pita

last week we went to lunch at pepper's pita.  i drive by it on my way home everyday, and the idea of pita sandwiches, soups, and salads was too good to pass up.  and an added bonus, i had a coupon!  you do too, if you got a happenings book this year.  i decided to go with the turkey club, on wheat.  the sandwich came with turkey, provolone, bacon, apple butter, lettuce, tomato, onion, herbed mayo.  the flavors were awesome.  the apple butter added a sweetness in perfect contrast to the bacon.  the pita was toasted, which made the "bread" on the hard side.  i'm curious if the white pita would have been softer.  the sandwich was served with coleslaw, that i quickly turned over to matt.  i wanted to order soup as a side to my pita, but i was disappointed in the soup choices.  they had clam chowder or lentil, neither of which sound appealing.  i was wanting a potato cheese, or a cream of broccoli.  i would still recommend you try pepper's, and this is a place that i would go again.  with the coupon, our total for 2 pitas and 2 drinks was under $10, barely under $10, but under nonetheless.  so it was a good meal for a great bargain.  and as always, the best part of lunch was the company!

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